Helen and Eleanor

For most of the time I knew my Aunts Helen and Eleanor they lived together.  In the 1970′s they had an apartment in Inglewood, CA very close to our house as well as being close to their other sisters: Luella and Mildred. In the 80′s all the sisters and their families moved to Yucaipa, CA ( we didn’t ). They both continued to live together until Helen died in 1986.

Here are a few very early pictures of Helen and Eleanor together when they were very little. The notes on the back of the top picture dates it to sometime around March/April 1905. Helen is the older of the two and is listed as three years old while Eleanor is about three months.




William Wainer, Gardener

Here’s a few pictures of Grandpa William Wainer working in the garden.




Martha Stuhberg (1883-1961)

According to the writing on the back of this picture, this was taken when Martha was about 17 years old so that places it about 1900.


Martha and Clarence Knickerbocker were married on 10 Oct 1902.



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