Will the real William Knickerbocker, please stand up.

There are a lot of people doing research on the Knickerbocker family name. Us Knickerbocker relatives even have our own web site.

One of the problems of having a relative ( or two) named William Knickerbocker was that around 1830 ish there were two William Knickerbockers and then there was one. Here’s what happened:

William Knickerbocker ( born 1801) had a son called William Knickerbocker ( we’ll call him W.R.) who was born in 1830. Everything was fine. The older William Knickerbocker died in 1838 leaving an 8 yr old W.R. Knickerbocker who went, with his Mother and siblings to go live with yet another Knickerbocker. So on the census, it looked suddenly like Prudence ( Williams widow, W.R.’s Mom) suddenly had a new husband with yet another child named William Knickerbocker.

The truth is: W.R. and mom and everyone went to go live with Williams brother and W.R. Knickerbocker is the son of William Knickerbocker born in 1801. How do I know? I have the family bible of William and Prudence Knickerbocker dated 1835. The images are not very clear as there has been water damage to the pages, but through a little computer enhancment I think you can read most of the information here:

Pg 1 of Knickerbocker family biblePg 2 of the Knickerbocker Family Bible

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