A Knickerbocker Genealogy

Updated Jan, 11 2013


4 thoughts on “A Knickerbocker Genealogy

  1. In regards to the The William Knickerbocker referenced above, do you know through which Knickerbocker line he is related to Harmen Jansen Knickerbocker? The only reference I can find at knic.com for a William Knickerbocker born around the time you mention above is an undated William with siblings born around 1801 with Hugh Knickerbocker listed as the father.

    I come through Lourens then John…

    Just looking to get the whole picture, you have alot of information listed here, and I’d like to connect our families if possible.

  2. Hi Hiram!

    The info I have goes like this:

    William and Helen
    William and Prudence
    William and Arpatia Parker
    Solomon and Anna Heath
    John and Jemima Owen
    Lourens and Marijke Dyckman

    I don’t have much evidence on hand for anything prior to William and Prudence.


    1. Thanks Steve,

      I think I can clarify a bit before Lourens,

      Louren’s Parents

      Harmen Janse VanWye Knickerbakker (1647-1731)
      Elizabeth Janse Bogart (1651-1723 or 1732)

      Info on Harmen can be found at:

      Harmen is as far as the “Unified” Geneology goes back on the knic.com website, but there is some more information. I’m working on trying to clarify a bit more then I’ll send you my info.

      by the way, the email is hiramknick gmail com for your info.


      1. Thanks!

        I’ve been to the Knick.com site many times. I’d like to actually get to see the mansion some day! I’ve tried to get my part of the Knickerbocker tree added to the list of genealogies there but haven’t had any luck.

        Thanks again!


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