Free Canada!

Ok, well not really.

There is, however, a nice free site to look up some very cool Canadian genealogical information. Just go to the Canadian Genealogy Centre. They have all sorts of Birth, Marriage, death, Immigration, Military and land documents that are easily searchable.

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To America through Canada

Family legend had it that my Grandfather, Bazyli Wynohradnyk, was a cook in a logging camp in the Great White North of Canada. When I received the information from the Department of Homeland Security ( in a previous post) it indicated that my Grandfather had indeed emigrated to the U.S. through Canada.

After long searching on I was finally able to find the record of his crossing in November of 1911. Why it took me so long to find was, of course, the spelling of his name. Anyway, here’s the record ( he’s listed on line 3):