Yeast and Birthdays

My Birthday was the other day. I’m now, almost officially, old.

Anyway, in thinking about my birthday and the things I like to do, i thought it would be appropriate to celebrate Yeast.  Yes, yeast.

I like beer (as well as scotch, bourbon, rum, etc) and have brewed good beer. It’s fun and the magic of beer is in the yeast. Yeast that’s used to make beer eats sugars and poops out alcohol and carbon dioxide ( among other things). Whoever discovered this and put it to use in the making of tasty alcoholic beverages is to be honored. I had a few beverages on my birthday that were made using yeast. Just a few. Really.

I also celebrated my birthday with another thing that needs yeast: donuts. I had a donut birthday cake! This perfect idea of combining a birthday celebration and donuts was first, I believe, invented by a young man who will remain nameless because he is a young man. His grandmother lives two doors down from me and if his parents read this, they will know to whom I refer.

The donut birthday cake is a thing of beauty and a must have for any true fan of donuts. Here’s our version of the donut cake and someone wearing a big sky brewing t-shirt (Mmm… Moose Drool beer) blowing out candles.

Cake of the gods
Cake of the gods