A Wynohradnyk Genealogy

Updated May, 6 2011


17 thoughts on “A Wynohradnyk Genealogy

  1. Hi Stephen,
    Thanks for mentioning me on your commendations list! I was digging through my research and thought I would offer up some info I had. As you have recorded above, Nicolaus’ brother Simeon was married to Anna Wiszniowski. She was born in Sniatyn on Aug. 10, 1867, the daughter of Lucasz Wuszniowski and Eudokia Mykietiuk. So far, I have come across the following children from this couple:
    a. Catherine, b. May 13, 1885, d. Dec. 17, 1886
    b. Demetri, b. Oct. 15, 1887
    c. Gregori, b. Apr. 12, 1890

    Nicolaus’ other brother Mathias was married to Rozalia Kotapski. Rozalia was born c1851, the daughter of Joseph Kotapski and Catherine Hubczynski. Their children that I know of are:
    a. Michael, b. Aug 13, 1874
    b. Maria, b. c1878, m. May 17 1896 to Joseph Gelles
    c. Casimira, b. c1883, m. May 24 1903 to Martin
    d. Gregori, b. Jan. 23, 1888, d. Mar. 14, 1889
    e. Veronica, b. Feb. 4, 1890, m. Jul. 27 1913 to
    Valerian Laszkiewicz

    Casimira and Veronica married brothers. Martin and Valerian Laszkiewicz were the sons of Michael Laszkiewicz and Angela Stankiewicz.

    Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Mark,

      Again, Thank you!

      I’ve found a few of the records for Simeon and Mathias’s children. I’ve been scanning the FHL film on Tuesday evenings after work and am up to Jan 1893 at this writing. I’ve missed a couple of those that you mentioned, so I’ll have to double back and find those records.

      Thanks again – you have been and continue to be a great help,


    2. OMG! i about fell over when i came across this link. i was doing some googling seems i have found my grandfathers naturalization paper to canada dated….may 22,1923. theres some info of him and his wife on the back. i also am a wynohradnyk and would love to talk!!!! can you help me piece my family tree???.. cant wait to hear from you!!!~olga

      grandfather….michel wynohradnyk dob…12-12-1887
      his wife…..marguerite lwanki (thats the spelling on the paper) wynohradnyk

      1. Hi Olga!
        It would be great if we were related. You’d have to send me a link to what you’ve found and also who your father was and maybe we could figure it out. Wynohradnyk is a sort of common name in Sniatyn, Ukraine and although I have to think they are all related somehow, I can’t seem to go far enough back to figure that out.

        Anyway, let know what you have


  2. I am seeking additional information regarding Maria Berkan who married John Wynohradnyk.

    Is there any information as to when she came to America? My grandfather was Jacob Berkan and we believe he arrived here with a sister.

    Thanks for anything you can provide.

    1. Hi Nancy!

      I don’t have anything I can think of about Maria and John. I’ll keep them in mind though as I o through things. You never know what might pop up. Was Jacob born in Sniatyn?


    2. Hi Olga,

      regarding: grandfather….michel wynohradnyk dob…12-12-1887
      his wife…..marguerite lwanki (thats the spelling on the paper) wynohradnyk

      Marguerite’s last name is Swankie, and she was from Scotland. I have further information on her.


  3. wow to think THIS name is common blows me away… i hardly have ANY family here so this pleases me!… well the paper i have is an actual document and id have to scan it and load it. uh any suggestions what i should do? wow to get some geneology is EXCITING! ok my fathers name is
    simon paul wynohradnyk born in canada 2-2-1934
    his mother was
    maria lefevre (sp?) wynohradnyk also a canadian i think….cant wait to hear from you!

    1. Well, I don’t have Simon or Marie in my Wynohradnyk genealogy, but that’s ok. I’ll send you an e-mail and then if you could e-mail me the document you have on your grandfather, maybe i could figure something out.


      1. never saw this message and clearly i didnt get your email… life has been busy i wish i had more time to research!

  4. Steve, are you still doing this, I am from the branch of Helen K. @ John Vesterby. let me know. Shirley Vesterby Colabella

    1. Hi Shirley,

      Yes, I am – I’ve just been too lazy to post anything. I actually some interesting material related to the Knickerbocker side of things.

      Your Grandmother, my aunt Helen, was one heck of nice person. I drove by the apartment where aunt Elanor and her used to live in Inglewood a few weeks ago. The complex is still there and things look about the same. I spent quite a few hours in that apartment eating homemade cookies and watching them drink coffee.

      I’ll try and post something soon.


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