Brothers 1968

Still having fun using the new phone app for scanning old pictures. Here’s a few of my favorites of my brother and me.


Above is my absolute favorite. I think this must be about Christmas 1968. Bill doesn’t look one yet. His expression just cracks me up everytime. I also think my Nehru Jacket is pretty hip.

The next picture I actually remember. Mom wanted to take a picture of me feeding my little brother. Sorry Bill, I didn’t really want anything to do with feeding you. So I complained, but Mom, being Mom, got her way ( sort of). For some reason I just refused to support your head, so that’s why it’s resting on the side of the chair.Again, this would be 1968.



More Christmas Past

I found a new app that scans old photos pretty well. It’s called PhotoScan and is made by Google. The photos I have are fairly yellowed and glued down in an album with unremovable plastic sheets across the tops of the pictures. I used this app to scan a few old Christmas pictures from the album and they came out pretty good so I thought I’d share them here.

My Mom and Dad ( Peter R. Wainer and Majorie A. Knickerbocker) in front of thier Christmas tree. They look pretty happy, must of been before my brother and I were born. 😉


Here’s one of my brother William (Bill) and myself, looks to be around 1969 at our house in Inglewood in the picture:


Unfinished Business 

My father was a WWII veteran like most men of his age. Since he wasn’t going to be buried in a military cemetery the Veterans Administration was kind enough to send a little folded flag ornament for his marker. I’d has this for quite some time and was able to epoxy it this afternoon.

Tilda Vesterby

Earlier, I made two posts about the two Vesterby brothers marrying two Knickerbocker sisters (Here and Here).

Late last year I went to the cemetery where my mother is buried as well as Mildred and Helen Knickerbocker who married Ernest and John Vesterby. I didn’t expect, though, to find another Vesterby – Tilda. I knew nothing about Tilda Vesterby until I got home and fired up

Tilda H. Burshem (b. 26 June 1880 in South Dakota d. 03 Sep 1944) married Martin M. Vesterby (b. 12 Sep 1881 MN d. 12 July 1966 CA) eventually moved to California. Martin Vesterby is the Uncle of Ernest and John Vesterby.


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Two Brothers for Two Sisters vol 2

So, my Aunt Mildred, who for some unknown reason was always called “Snookie”, married the brother of John O. Vesterby: Earnest A. Vesterby.

Mildred Florence Knickerbocker was born on 27 June 1920 in Minnesota and died on 10 Sept 1986 in California. Earnest A. Vesterby was born on 14 Nov 1913 in Montana and died on 8 May 1990 in California.

Both brothers and sisters, for as long as I knew them, always lived within a short drive of one another and were ever present at Thanksgiving and Christmas which, when my brother and I were younger, always occurred at our house. When we were a little older, all of my moms sisters were living in California ( Helen, Luella, Mildred, and Elanor) moved to the Yuciapa area in San Bernadino County California to retire.

I don’t have any census or other document to show Aunt Snookie and Uncle Ernie together just yet, but when I do I’ll post it here.

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