People I need to Thank

It turns out that doing genealogy is something that can’t be done, really, without help. There are quite a few people I need to thank for their help in my project. The following is a list of those people. If I’ve forgotten to mention you, I apologize:

My Wife and Kids

Aunt Luella Duntley (Knickerbocker)

Stephen Danko

Uncle Stephen Wainer

Mark Turchinetz

Cousin Nancy Letson

John Dalby ( The Dalby web site)

Cousin Wanda King

Cousin Bryana Knickerbocker

Nephew John Slobojan

Cousin Alison Wainer

Cousin Kathy Hogan

Cousin Connie Gleason

Cousin Debbie (Deb) Belanger

Cousin Michael Wainer

Tom Lathrop

Gary Jacobson


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