Who are you? (Knickerbocker version 1)

Here’s an old picture ( maybe late 1960’s early 1970’s?) at Uncle Bob and Aunt Loraine Knickerbocker’s house in Minnesota. I’m the kid in the plaid shorts on the left, Uncle Dude is sitting in the chair surrounded by kids. Are YOU in this picture? Which one are you?What Knickerbocker


William R Knickerbocker and Helen Burgess

This picture took a little figuring out. The notes on the back say “Taken as they were leaving Preston July 7th”. The only Knickerbocker that I know of that lived in a city named Preston was Nellie Jane Knickerbocker, her husband Charles Snyder and their flock of children. They lived in Preston, Minnesota beginning about 1910. Nellie Jane was the second child of William and Helen so I’m going to say that this is a picture of William R. and Helen Burgess as they were visiting their married daughter sometime between 1910 and the end of summer 1915 when William R. passed away. So this picture is at least 99 years old ( or the original was – this is a copy I think).


I keep forgetting to add a little context to these pictures: William R. Knickerbocker and Helen Burgess are the parents of Clarence Knickerbocker. So, for me, these are my great-grandparents. I know for quite a few Knickerbocker descendents out there this would be a picture of your great-great-grandparents, and for some (say Bryana W. for example) these would be her great x 3 grandparents.

Kinda cool!

Here’s a previous post with William and Helen’s wedding certificate.

Helen and Eleanor

For most of the time I knew my Aunts Helen and Eleanor they lived together.  In the 1970’s they had an apartment in Inglewood, CA very close to our house as well as being close to their other sisters: Luella and Mildred. In the 80’s all the sisters and their families moved to Yucaipa, CA ( we didn’t ). They both continued to live together until Helen died in 1986.

Here are a few very early pictures of Helen and Eleanor together when they were very little. The notes on the back of the top picture dates it to sometime around March/April 1905. Helen is the older of the two and is listed as three years old while Eleanor is about three months.




These images are digitized from the original pictures which are, as of this posting, over 100 years old.

Knickerbocker Reunion 1976 Part 3

Some more pictures:


The girls:


Helen Knickerbocker (1902-1986)
Eleanor Knickerbocker (1905-1995)
Luella Knickerbocker (1917-2011)
Mildred “Snookie” Knickerbocker (1920-1986)
Marjorie “Marge” Knickerbocker (1928-1988)

The boys:

William “Bill” Knickerbocker (1907-1982)
Earl “Dude” Knickerbocker (1912-1984)
Donald “Bim” Knickerbocker (1922-1978)
Kenneth “Bob” Knickerbocker (1924-1993)
Here’s an earlier picture of the boys:

P1_Wainer_016With the addition of their father Clarance Knickerbocker (1874-1959)
This picture is dated July 6th, 1948

Bonus Photo.



My best guess is:

Helen Knickerbocker

Martha Stuhberg ( It’s certainly Grandma Martha)

Elanor Knickerbocker

Drinking and Driving Don’t Mix

Unless, maybe, you’re my Grandparents. And it’s along time ago. And you’re driving a car that won’t go much above, I dunno, walking speed?

I have no idea what kind of car this is, but here is Clarence Knickerbocker and Martha Stuhberg  driving down the street. And yes, that is a beer bottle in Martha’s hand.


Knickerbocker reunion 1976 part 2

On that trip to Minnesota we stayed at Uncle Bob and Aunt Lorraine’s house for a few days and then ended up at the lake with Uncle Bill ( William C. Knickerbocker 1907-1982) and Aunt Jess (Jessie E. Culshaw 1910-1989).  I remember there was a roller skating rink nearby and the jukebox ( yes, a jukebox) kept playing the song “Afternoon Delight” by the Starland Vocal Band. My stomach churns just thinking about that song.

Here’s a photo of the trailer at the lake.


Uncle Bill is in the hat, Aunt Jess is to his left in the blue dress, and Aunt Lorraine is seated in front of Uncle Bill. I can’t make anyone else out in the picture – if anyone see’s someone the recognize, please let me know.