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Unfinished Business 

My father was a WWII veteran like most men of his age. Since he wasn’t going to be buried in a military cemetery the Veterans Administration was kind enough to send a little folded flag ornament for his marker. I’d has this for quite some time and was able to epoxy it this afternoon.

Peter Wainer – A picture on his 85th

On what would have been my Dads 85th birthday, a very old picture of him that I really love. Happy birthday Dad, you are missed.



My dad passed away a year ago on the 21st, his birthday is the 24th of October and I thought I’d celebrate his birthday with a picture and two stories.

My dad used to tell this one:

His father, William Wainer, would occasionally come home with a fifth of whiskey. He would open the bottle and throw the cap on the floor. One day my dad asked him, “Papa, why do you always throw the cap on the floor?”. His reply was, “Well, I won’t be needing the cap again.”

My story:

My dad was a real good golfer. He worked for a company where everyone liked to golf and his golf ‘services’ were in great demand. One weekend my dad was invited to a golf tournament at a swanky resort with natural hot springs and my mom and brother and I went down to swim and take advantage of all the non-golf amenities that this resort had to offer. We were in the pool and all of a suddenly my dad shows up. He should be on the course, but there he is. We quickly get dressed and while we were piling into the car I find out that my father is in a lot of back pain. That summer, or the summer before, he had thrown out his back while in Maine. We drove for a bit and came to a liquor store. My dad stopped the car, got out, bought a fifth of gin (his favorite) and drank 1/3 of the thing straight down.

He then drove us home – stone cold sober.

Dad continued to have back issues until he passed away. I still have never never seen anyone drink like that and still be in complete possession of all his faculties.

Don’t try this at home kids.

The picture is from my porch today at Sequoia National Park. I like whiskey not gin. I don’t think I’ll be throwing away the cap.

Love you dad. We miss you so much.




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