National Sibling Day

I guess there’s something called National Sibling Day and it’s today. Here’s a picture of my brother Bill in the arms of his Aunt Mildred(Snookie) with me and my way cool submarine in front of Aunt Luella and Uncle Russ’s house. He sure was a small guy then. He may, though, weigh the same now as he did then. 🙂




4 thoughts on “National Sibling Day

      1. This is all the information I know, so if you have time I would be more than happy if you help me out here:

        My Granmothers father was Arnold Hetroy/Getroy and he was born around 1924, his sisters name was Anna/Hanna and she was born around 1928, his father was Nathan and his mother Rose/Roza and she was born around 1911.
        Nathan and Roza were shot in the slaughter pits, and we asume that Anna also but we are not sure.
        I have some pictures also I can send them to you on Facebook/email.

      2. Hi again Oleg,

        The best place I know for Jewish ancestry in the region is the page I referenced earlier. If I think of something else I’ll let you know.


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