Ghosts of Christmas Past


Since my fathers passing the pictures that I was able to come home with have really been haunting me. These pictures evoke strong memories for me every time I see them.

Every one (except for the lady I don’t know) and every thing in this picture holds such strong memories. The painting over the mantle lasted until my dad passed away. The television you can barely see behind the tree lasted until the early 80’s. The xmas picture above must be from around 1966-68. It’s taken in the living room at our house on 64th Place in Inglewood. People in the picture ( Clockwise from the top left): Russell Duntley, Luella Knickerbocker, me, Eleanor Knickerbocker, someone I don’t know, Alice Wainer (kneeling), Ernest Vesterby ( Nice blue Socks!),Mildred (Snookie) Knickerbocker, Marjorie Knickerbocker ( My mom) and Jim Duntley ( with hair!)


Above the same people,but now in the dining room of the Inglewood house later the same Xmas. I spent more than a few hours on one of those chairs in a corner of that dining room for being less than good.


This is an earlier Christmas at my Uncle John Vesterby and Aunt Helen’s house. From left to right: My mom ( Marjorie Knickerbocker), me with my head in a box, Uncle John Vesterby, Cousin John Bayte, Cousin Bob Bayte.


2 thoughts on “Ghosts of Christmas Past

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your Dad. When my Mother was diagnosed with cancer. There were times I would call your Dad and talk about old times on 64th Pl. He made me feel connected when I was feeling lost. I will never forget your Mom and Dad. I still have the pancho he gave me when he returned from a business trip. They were both very special.

    Geneen Cook

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