Martha Stuhberg (1883-1961)

According to the writing on the back of this picture, this was taken when Martha was about 17 years old so that places it about 1900.


Martha and Clarence Knickerbocker were married on 10 Oct 1902.



4 thoughts on “Martha Stuhberg (1883-1961)

  1. Steve are you sure on marriage date, my grandma Helen, their oldest was born dec 1902 I believe? Shirley

    1. ABSOLUTELY sure. If you click on the “marriage” link in the post it will take you to another post that has a copy of their wedding certificate. If you go to this post: I mention how naughty Clarence and Martha were. 🙂


      1. I haven’t seen that but lol those little rascals and with all they had we know they did it more than once. Thanks for the update ;>)

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