Knickerbocker Reunion 1976 Part 3

Some more pictures:


The girls:


Helen Knickerbocker (1902-1986)
Eleanor Knickerbocker (1905-1995)
Luella Knickerbocker (1917-2011)
Mildred “Snookie” Knickerbocker (1920-1986)
Marjorie “Marge” Knickerbocker (1928-1988)

The boys:

William “Bill” Knickerbocker (1907-1982)
Earl “Dude” Knickerbocker (1912-1984)
Donald “Bim” Knickerbocker (1922-1978)
Kenneth “Bob” Knickerbocker (1924-1993)
Here’s an earlier picture of the boys:

P1_Wainer_016With the addition of their father Clarance Knickerbocker (1874-1959)
This picture is dated July 6th, 1948

Bonus Photo.



My best guess is:

Helen Knickerbocker

Martha Stuhberg ( It’s certainly Grandma Martha)

Elanor Knickerbocker


2 thoughts on “Knickerbocker Reunion 1976 Part 3

  1. It certainly is Helen and Eleanor. Do you know what house? Address? I so have loved these reunion pictures. I mostly knew the girls. Thank You.

    1. Hi Shirley,
      I could maybe find the address from the 1930 or 1940 census. I’ll look this weekend.

      It’s been fun and sad looking at all these pictures again. More later!

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