Knickerbocker Reunion 1976 Part 1

In 1976 Uncle Bob ( Kenneth Robert Knickerbocker 1924-1993) retired from the Minneapolis Police force. This was an excuse for a big party and a  reunion  of sorts at his house. This was the last time that I know of that all the surviving siblings of Clarence Knickerbocker (1874-1959) and Martha Stuhberg (1883-1961) were together in one place at one time.

I always loved visiting Uncle Bob and Aunt Lorraine. The house, to me, was so big and different.The house had things that were and still are very uncommon in California: a basement and a screened in porch. Also, at the time you were able to burn yard waste in your backyard. This is/was TOTALLY unheard of in Los Angeles. To this day the smell of burning leaves, when LA is ringed with fire, makes me think of that house.

Anyway, here are two pictures: One taken in 1976 at the reunion, The other taken 28 years before – July 6th, 1948.


In order, left to right are:
Clarence Knickerbocker (1874-1959)
Helen Knickerbocker (1902-1986)
Eleanor Knickerbocker (1905-1995)
William “Bill” Knickerbocker (1907-1982)
Earl “Dude” Knickerbocker (1912-1984)
Luella Knickerbocker (1917-2011)
Mildred “Snookie” Knickerbocker (1920-1986)
Donald “Bim” Knickerbocker (1922-1978)
Kenneth “Bob” Knickerbocker (1924-1993)
Marjorie “Marge” Knickerbocker (1928-1988)

The only people missing are Martha Stuhberg (1883-1961) and Clifford Knickerbocker (1902-1933).  I’m thinking Martha took the photo.

Here’s the same picture in 1976. The only person missing from the previous photo is Clarence. Everyone else is is the same order.


Here’s me at the reunion, 12 years old, wearing my patriotic ( it’s 1976!) shirt tormenting my brother Bill.







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