Every Picture Tells a Story

Wynohradnyk - Otafczyuk wedding Photo
Wynohradnyk - Otafczyuk wedding Photo

Photos say a lot and some affect you more than others. This is  wedding photo of my grandfather and Grandfather: Basil Wynohradnyk and Annie Ostafyczuk. It  is almost 100 years old as they were married in Boston, Mass on 8 Feb 1914. I met my grandfather once, when I was an infant, and have no memory of ever seeing him. Annie died in the 1940’s,  I never met her.

I spent a lot of time looking at this photo. They aren’t smiling. Smiling in photos is a relatively modern thing, if you look at a lot of old photos; no one ever smiles. There’s more though: They are SERIOUS. Take a look.

Here are two people who left their family and homes in  Eastern Europe while in their early 20’s, crossed the Atlantic, and came to the US to start a new life. They met and married in Massachusetts and eventually move to Maine.

Every time I look at this picture I think about what the future holds for them and the fact that they have no idea what’s coming. Two World Wars will break out and be fought in their homeland. They will have 8 children, 7 who survive until adult hood. Their sons will fight in World War II. Annie will not survive to see the end of 1945.

I think about the photos of my children that are in plain view around my house, and imagine what their wedding photo’s will look like and wonder what the future will hold for them.


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