Finding your Ancestor(s) in Sniatyn

The first thing you need to do is figure out what religion your ancestors were in Sniatyn. Each religion recorded their own birth(baptism), marriage and death records. If you can figure that out it will save some time looking through film. In any event, here are the steps:

1) Go to
2) Click on  Search then Catalog
3) Do a place name search on “Austria, Galizien, Śniatyn (Śniatyn)” ( you don’t need the special characters)
4) Click on church records
5) There will be listings for: Catholic, Greek Catholic, Armenian, Evangelical ( Lutheran I think) Metrical books.
6) Choose a religion :-) and click on the heading
7) Print what you see 8) Take the printout to the nearest Family History Center and pay to get a copy.

When the copy of the film arrives, load it in a reader and start looking. I’ve been looking at catholic and Greek catholic and most of it is in Latin. I’ve found the book “Polish Roots” by Rosemary Chorzempa to be very helpful with reading the records.

Good luck! Let me know if you need more help and especially let me know what you find!


12 thoughts on “Finding your Ancestor(s) in Sniatyn

  1. I have some records of the German Galizien Descendants, when they lived in Ottynia.

    OLESZCZUK, Theodor, r-kath.
    Berufe/Wohnung: 26.09.1899 in Ottynia/Gal. [UA](w)1
    MILLAN (∞ Oleszczuk), Maria, r-kath.
    Berufe/Wohnung: 26.09.1899 in Ottynia/Gal. [UA](w)1
    Sohn : 1) OLESZCZUK, Josef, r-kath. (siehe )
    1OTTYNIA: TfBuch/röm-kath 1882-1902 1899/- S. 348/10

    OLESZCZUK, Josef, r-kath. (siehe )
    Berufe/Wohnung: 26.09.1899 c.r. cursor in Ottynia/Gal. [UA]1
    ∞ 12.10.1899
    PETERMANN (∞ Oleszczuk), Ottilia, r-kath. (siehe )
    Berufe/Wohnung: 26.09.1899 in Ottynia/Gal. [UA]1
    Tochter : 1) OLESZCZUK, Bronislawa, * 26.09.1899 in Ottynia/Gal. [UA]1, ~ 15.10.1899 ebd.1, r-kath.
    1OTTYNIA: TfBuch/röm-kath 1882-1902 1899/- S. 348/10


    Rosane Oleszczuk

  2. Interesting website. My father was born in Sniatyn and I have been poking about to find out more about his background but with no luck, probably because he was Jewish and records disappeared. Any hints to help me find my way would be much appreciated. Paul Haffner – UK

    1. did u ever get a reply. ? My father was born there, too and went to USA before the war. All his family was killed. Family name was Scheiner. His name was Chaim. We want to go there to see cemetary if at all possible. Know it is in disarray…just need to physically be there.

  3. I’m having such a hard time trying to find anything about my grandmother who was born in Sniatyn. I also have it spelled as Snitatyn, Sadubryvoci, Galicia. She was born in 1898. The proper spelling of her last name has been lost too: I’ve seen it spelled: Rodomis, Rudametz, Rodonitz, just to name a few. I so want to find her records and just feel like I am smacking my head against the brick wall each time I try.

    Mary J

    1. H Mary!

      It will be pretty tough if you are unsure of the spelling of her last name. If you can find her marriage listing sometimes they list mothers maiden name in the marriage documents, that might help when looking through the FHL film.


  4. I am looking for information on my great grandfather Josef Gluckstern His birthplace lists Sniatyn, Poland. Date of birth was June 16, 1864. I imagine it is the place now listed as in theOkraine, a bordertown to Roumania I guess. Can you help me suggest where I could look?

      1. I would look on It is a Jewish version of OUr family name is Szyner or Scheiner or derivatives thereof. My Dad’s name was Chaim. His father was Jaacov and his mother. Gittel/Gusta.

  5. My dad’s parents came from Sniatyn and Zadubrovitsi, in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast, but trying to trace the family history is like looking for a needle in a haystack. If anyone ever comes across any info about Stuparyk or Kiefiuk surnames, please let me know. Thanks!

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