Some new pages and some updated ones

New pages today:

1) Descendants of Elias Frondzej

2) Descendants of Nicholas Kamad

Pages Updated:

1) Descendants of Roman Ostafyczuk

2) Descendants of Onuphri Wynohradnyk


2 thoughts on “Some new pages and some updated ones

  1. I live in Brasil, Curitiba city, Parana state.
    I am doing my family tree
    My grandfather was born in Snyatin and came to Brazil in 1910, I want to find my family
    The name of my grandfather was Karol Oleszczuk.
    The name of Karol’s father was Josef Oleszczuk and his mother Ottilia Apolonia Petermann.
    The name of Josef’s father was Theodor Oleszczuk and his mother Maria Millan.
    The name of Ottilia’s father was Karl Petermann and his mother Maria Majewski

    1. Hi Rosane!

      Please see my post on finding your ancestor(s) in Sniatyn. That should get you started. If I run into anything while I’m looking, I’ll certainly let you know. If you have any trouble, please let me know.

      Good luck!


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