Birth of Michael and Maria Wynohradnyk

It’s Twins!

It reads in part:

Michael Wynohradnyk

Maria Wynohradnyk

Born: 15 March 1883

Baptized: 15 March 1883

Father: Nicolaus Wynohradnyk son of Onuphri Wynohradnyk and Maria Iwasiuk

Mother: Catherina daughter of Michael Charuk and Maria Bakun

As was, unfortunately, normal during those times both twins died a few days later as indicated by the “+” signs and date in the left margin of the birth record.

They both passed away March 17th 1883.

Here’s a pdf:

Michael and Maria Wynohradnyk

and a scan:

Maria and Michael Wynohradnyk
Maria and Michael Wynohradnyk

Metrical books 1861-1929 Greek Catholic Church Sniatyn. Microreproduction of original manuscripts at the State Archives of Ivano-Frankivs’k Region, Galizien, Austria; later Sniatyn, Stanislawow, Poland; now Sniatyn, Ivano-Frankivs’l, Ukraine. text in Latin, Ukrainian and Russian. Record group 631, series 1, files 587-598 — record group 631, series 2 file 56. FHL INTL Film 1782901.


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