Lost and Found

I’d been attempting over the years to get  The Department of Homeland Security ( that name *still* really bugs me) to get me a copy of my Grandmothers Alien Registration form (AR-2). I’ve applied twice: here in 2008 and here in 2010. In September they sent me another letter stating that they couldn’t find anything again.

A week ago I was surprised to get a letter in the mail from them stating that they had a system upgrade that gave them more search capabilities and that they actually found my Grandmothers Alien Registration form.

Annie Ostafyczuk Alien Reg form 1
Annie Ostafyczuk Alien Reg form 2

The form didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know, but it’s good to have them. The one thing that did strike me is that she put her birth date as 2 Nov 1892 instead of he real birth date. I’ve found that with a lot of my research: people, at that time, from Eastern Europe either didn’t know their *true* birth date or just didn’t care. It’s something that seems strange now with our modern attachment to birthday’s.


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