Birth and Baptism of Xenia Kamad

Xenia was my Great Grandmother. It reads in part:

Xenia Kamad

Born: 25 Feb 1870

Baptized: 25 Feb 1870

Father: Demitri Kamad – Farmer

Mother: Catherina Frondzej daughter of Elias Frondzej and Anna Burlak

A pdf:

Xenia Kamad

An image:

Xenia Kamad
Xenia Kamad

Metrical books 1861-1929 Greek Catholic Church Sniatyn. Microreproduction of original manuscripts at the State Archives of Ivano-Frankivs’k Region, Galizien, Austria; later Sniatyn, Stanislawow, Poland; now Sniatyn, Ivano-Frankivs’l, Ukraine. text in Latin, Ukrainian and Russian. Record group 631, series 1, files 587-598 — record group 631, series 2 file 56. FHL INTL Film 1782901


5 thoughts on “Birth and Baptism of Xenia Kamad

    1. Hi Sam!

      Maybe! Do you know what his birthday was or who his parents were? I’m always looking for more Aunts/Uncles/Cousins.


  1. Hi steve,
    my grandads birth date was 15/03/1927
    He told my mum his family were farmers & that he had 8 brothers & 1 sister who were all separated wen they were moved out during the war.

  2. Hi again Sam,

    Sounds like what was going on in the Ukraine at the time. I can’t remember if the records I have go as far as 1927. If they do ( and I ever get to the end of the file) I’ll certainly look for him. I have a small Frondzej geanealogy page that I posted. Maybe some relative might be able to pick out a name that they remember?


  3. Josef Frondzej was born on 23rd May 1927 in the Ukraine. He came from a lrage family of farmers who were all split up during the war years. We have treid to trace the famil several times but have had no luck as my father didn’t talk much only of the horror’s of what used to happen in war time. I know that he had 7 brothers his was the eight child and the younest son. He also had a sister.

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