Marriage of Simeon Wynohradnyk and Anne Wiszniowski

It reads (In part):

Date: 28 October 1883

Groom: Simeon Wynohradnyk , son of Onuphri Wynohradnyk and Maria Iwasiuk

Bride: Anne, daughter of Lucasz Wiszniowski and Eudokia Mykietiuk

Simeon is my Great Grand Uncle.

A scan:

Marriage of Simeon Wynohradnyk and Anne Wiszniowski
Marriage of Simeon Wynohradnyk and Anne Wiszniowski

A Pdf:

Marriage of Simeon Wynohradnyk and Anne Wiszniowski pdf

Metrical books 1861-1929 Greek Catholic Church Sniatyn. Microreproduction of original manuscripts at the State Archives of Ivano-Frankivs’k Region, Galizien, Austria; later Sniatyn, Stanislawow, Poland; now Sniatyn, Ivano-Frankivs’l, Ukraine. text in Latin, Ukrainian and Russian. Record group 631, series 1, files 587-598 — record group 631, series 2 file 56. FHL INTL Film 1782901.


3 thoughts on “Marriage of Simeon Wynohradnyk and Anne Wiszniowski

  1. Dear Steve,
    Just wanted to tell you..this blog has been giving me the boost I need. I thank you for that.
    It’s hard when everyone has passed and I am putting memories of names together like a puzzle.
    It was funny on the 4th of July I thought of those long ago block parties on 64th pl.
    Hope you are doing ok.
    Take Care,

  2. Hi Steve,
    In researching the Sniatyn records I think one thing that really jumps out is the awful mortality rate for the young. Lukasz Wisziowski’s family is a sad example. Eudokia Mykietiuk was his first wife. After the birth of their daughter Anna on 10 August 1887 the couple had the following children:
    Maria: b. July 6, 1869, d. July 6, 1869
    Michal: b. Nov. 20, 1870, d. Nov. 20, 1870
    Katarzyna: b. Feb. 7, 1872, d. Feb. 24 1872
    Grzegorz: b. Feb. 12, 1873, d. July 10, 1873
    Leo: b. Aug. 15, 1874, d. Aug. 18, 1875
    Bazyli: b. June 25, 1876, d. March 8, 1877
    Aleksy: b. June 22, 1878, d. March 26, 1879
    Marek: b. Feb. 1, 1880- the same day his mother died (in childbirth?)

    Lukasz married a second time to Michalina Kulczynski on June 27, 1880. They had the following children:
    Dymitr: b. Oct. 28, 1882
    Mikolaj: b. Dec. 2, 1884, d. Apr. 6, 1886
    Jozef: b. Oct. 27, 1886, d. Nov. 1890
    Piotr: b. June 30, 1888, d. March 17, 1889
    Stefan, b. Apr. 29, 1881, d. Oct. 16, 1891
    Kornelius: b. Dec. 20, 1892
    Philip: b. March 7, 1895
    Stefania: b. Aug. 9, 1899

    Out of 17 children between two wives, 12 of them did not reach alduthood. I can’t imagine how they coped with this.

    FYI: Both Kornelius and Philip Wiszniowski immigrated to the United States and settled in Boston. They have descenants in this area today.


    1. Hi Mark,

      As always, thanks for the information. I honestly haven’t been back to look at the microfilm in a few months due to that fact that I got to the death records.

      I just had to stop because it was so sad. You could see times where typhoid or some other ailment ran rampant through Sinatyn and wiped out young and old alike. It was just page after page of sadness. I gave up one night when I stumbled across a number of pages of what seemed to me to be a typhoid or typhus epidemic. Old, Young and everyone in-between seemed to be dying right before my eyes.

      I go to a very small family history center. Usually when I’m there it’s just me and the attendant. When I got to the section I mentioned above I think I cried for about 15 minutes then I just had to turn off the film reader, roll up the film and went home. I haven’t been back.

      I need to get started again, but I haven’t quite got over that feeling.

      Thanks again for the information! I really do appreciate it.


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