850+ years of Sniatyn

For those few of you who have been following my blog you know that both my paternal grandparents came from Sniatyn, Austria-Hungary ( now Ukraine).  If you don’t know this, you can catch up with my grandfather William Wainer (Basili Wynohradnyk) here and my grandmother Anna Ostafyczuk) here.  In 2008 the National Bank of Ukraine issued a commemorative coin marking the 850th anniversary of the founding of the city of Sniatyn.

In 1158 the city of Sniatyn was first mentioned in the Hypatian Codex and was founded by Kostiantyn Siroslavovych.

Here is the obverse of the coin:

Sniatyn coin Obverse

And here is the reverse:

Sniatyn Coin Reverse
Sniatyn Coin Reverse

I hope to have one of these in my hands in the next few days. It takes awhile to get things shipped from the Ukraine.


18 thoughts on “850+ years of Sniatyn

  1. Greetings:
    My grandfather, Carl Daniel Porth was born in Sniatyn, Austria in 1879. I am new at this research but would like to find out more. Any ideas? THX, Dan

  2. Hi people.
    I am from Sniatyn and I am living here now. My grandmother’s surname is Frondzey. If this topic is still popular I can help you.
    Best regards.

    1. Hi Oleksandr!

      This topic is certainly still popular with me, but I’ve run out of records about my family from the Greek Catholic Church in Sniatyn to post. I’d love to have any information you have.


  3. Hi Steve: Sorry. I am reading your reply now – in the first time. Thank you for your reply.
    Dr. Lieblein lived in Sniatyn only 14-15 years. He was born near Rohatyn and died in Israel. So, his birth and death documents were not from Sniatyn. I don’t know (even) if he got married there. Thank you – again

  4. My father, Avrom Aba Lissak was born in April 1900 in Sniatyn to a teacher or maybe even a Rabbi named Yosef Lissak & Berta or Brana Winkler Lissak. He was the youngest of 3 children, a brother Wolf & a sister named Brana. She married a Moshe Waskowitzer & they had several children. Reb Yosef died in 1908 & my Grandmother died in a convent in 1912 as there were no hospitals in Sniatyn. In 1914 my father went into the Austrian army & was stationed @ the Schoenbrun palace & one point. He served until 1918 when it became Poland & came to New York in 1920. Their home was near the Prut River. Wolf settled in Brooklyn but no trace was ever made with his sister after 1938. Can anyone help me locate possible relatives of his sister?

  5. Steve,
    My grandfather Carl Singer USA records show he was born in sniatyn around 1896. Do you show any records on his name or family

    1. Hi Gary! I don’t actually have the records. I’d highly recommend going the nearest LDS Family History Center and request the microfilm for Sniatyn. It helps if you know what religion your grandfather practiced as the files are separate for Catholic, Greek Catholic and Lutheren ( I think). I can help a little in pointing you in the right direction. Just let me know.

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