Annie Ostafyczuk revisited

Below is a post I made in 2008. I was hoping to get the Department of Homeland Security to send me information on my Grandmother. Eventually, they sent a letter saying that they couldn’t find anything with the Alien Registration number referenced by the card below. Since 2008, the Department of Homeland Security has changed the way you go about requesting genealogical information. I’m hoping that with a new request they will be able to find the papers she filled out.

My paternal Grandmother’s name was Annie Ostafyczuk. She was also born in Sniatyn, Galicia now the Ukraine. I have her Alien Registration card and just sent away to the Department of Homeland Security using the Freedom of Information Act to get copies of her actual registration. When I did this for my Grandfather, it took 2 years for the information to arrive. I’ m hoping that it will take significantly less time this time around. For now, Here’s Annie’s Alien Registration Card:

Annie Ostafyczuk\'s Alien Registration Card


3 thoughts on “Annie Ostafyczuk revisited

  1. Hi Stephen,
    It’s me. The little dorky girl that used to live across the street from you in Inglewood.
    What a GREAT BLOG!
    I was looking on the internet on how to get started and somehow I landed here.
    My Dad died in 1991. My Mom passed away a few weeks ago. In my arms. She had two kinds of cancer and congestive heart failure. They found three tumors in me (I am incerting joke now..why? cause I have to….) Do you think it was the water in Inglewood????? smiles….or that meat man that came around and we use to sample the sausage..what was in that sausage???.(smiles, joke)
    OK….my mom’s maiden name was Keligian.Her mother’s maiden name was deradoorian. How do I get started. I want to start a blog like this. I am so positive..trying to deal with all those armenian names ought to be as fun as springtime in alaska.
    I hope I will hear from you. Take care,

    1. Hi Geneen,

      You need to start with what you know and go from there. Make sure you find out the correct spellings, birthdays, and marriage dates of everyone(aunts, uncles, grandparents) you know about in your family and write it down somewhere.

      I use software called Family Tree Maker and it helps. Other people use different software. It’s just a matter of personal taste. I also use There are other web sites that have similar information as ancestry, but Family Tree Maker works well with You don’t need Family Tree Maker – you can do a good job with just Again, it’s a matter of personal preference and how much you want to spend.

      Good Luck. Nice to hear from you,


      1. Thus Far,
        I have a major bald spot forming. I know, patience. Apparently when my grandfather came to america he only spoke armenian. So at ellis island they don’t actually have Hagop Garabed Keligian (jack Charles Keligian)..he was a boy when he came over. His parents and grandparents were killed. So they have variations that could be him. I am going to keep on plugging. I found a census he took in 1932 in los angeles.
        Anyway, I will carry on. Hope you’re doing ok. Your blog really gave me the kick in the pants I needed to do this..Thanks!

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