Martha Who?

One question that has haunted me over the last few years of searching my family tree is: What was my maternal grandmother’s (Martha Knickerbocker) maiden name? I’ve looked and looked and come up short. It’s been recorded as: Stuhberg, Stuber, Stuhrberg and other various spellings.

About a year ago I decided that the best way to find out was to locate Clarence and Martha’s marriage certificate. Minnesota has a great tool to search for marriages and they are constantly updating the information on that site. The problem was that every time I looked I could not find a record that matched. It was a monthly internet search that never yielded a result until today.

MOMS Capture

Misspellings are the bane of genealogy. The record was recorded as: Clarence KKinckerbocher and Martha Stubers. Hopefully, this was a keying error on the part of the transcriber. I’ve sent away for the certificate itself and in a week or so will hopefully know more.

I did, however, find out a few things right away. The first is that their marriage date is 10 Oct 1902. One of the things this means is that Grandpa Clarence was 28 and Grandma Martha was 19 when they were married. Naughty Grandpa Clarence. Another thing that it means is that Grandma Martha was about 7 months pregnant with my Aunt Helen when they got married. Naughty, Naughty Grandpa Clarence and Grandma Martha. Aunt Helen was born 21 Dec 1902, the first of 10 children that lived until their adulthood.

I guess we know how Grandpa and Grandma liked to spend their free time.


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