The Wynohradnyk Page

I put up a new page called “Descendants of Onuphri Wynohradnyk” the other day. With the help of a few others (Matt & Steve) I was able to piece together some of the Wynohradnyk clan from Sniatyn. As I say on the page, some of the data is unproven, but I’m fairly sure that most of it is correct. As I find mistakes and additional Wynohradnyk relatives, I’ll add them there.

An FYI: the name Onuphri is from Saint Onuphrius. You can see the wiki page here.

I’ll be posting more Wynohradnyk information shortly. There seems to be quite a few of them and I’m not sure how they all fit ( if they do) into the Wynohradnyk family from Sniatyn genealogy.

Another FYI: In Spanish, Saint Onuphrius is San Onofre. By strange coincidence I live rather close to San Onofre State Beach in California.


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