Birth and Baptism of Anna Ostafyczuk

Here’s the second image from my first batch of finds at the family history library. Again, i apologize for both the quality of the scan and it’s translation. Any errors are mine. It reads:

Anna Ostafyczuk
Born: 02 March 1892
Baptized: 02 March 1892
House number: 208 4/4 [I don’t know what the 4/4 means]
Given name: Anna
Religion: Greek Catholic
Sex: [This column is usually the sex. If it is, the priest appears to have marked the “Male” column]
Legitimacy: Legitimate
Father: Michael Ostafyczuk, son of Grzegorz [Ostafyczuk] and Jozefa Kurczer
Mother: Xenia daughter of Demetri Kamad and Catharrine Frondzej
Sponsors: Theodor Straijczuk and Anna, wife of Peter Branczko
Midwife: Rozalia Petraczuk
Baptized and Confirmed by: [Scoennns?] [Matnovski?], [Administrator?]

Here’s the image in PDF form Just click on the link:


Metrical books 1861-1929 Greek Catholic Church Sniatyn. Microreproduction of original manuscripts at the State Archives of Ivano-Frankivs’k Region, Galizien, Austria; later Sniatyn, Stanislawow, Poland; now Sniatyn, Ivano-Frankivs’l, Ukraine. text in Latin, Ukrainian and Russian. Record group 631, series 1, files 587-598 — record group 631, series 2 file 56. FHL INTL Film 1782901


2 thoughts on “Birth and Baptism of Anna Ostafyczuk

  1. Hi Steve,

    Michael Ostafijczuk was the son of Gregori Ostafijczuk and Josepha Kuczer. He was born on Nov. 11, 1865. Gregori Ostafijczuk was the son of Roman Ostafijczuk and Maria Zinkowski. Josepha Kuczer was the daughter of Basili Kuczer and Angela Sobolewski. Basili Kuczer was born c.1808 based on his age given when he married a second time to Anna Zazulak on June 15, 1873. I do not have a date of death for his first wife.

    Michael Ostafijczuk’s wife Xenia Kamad was born on Feb. 27, 1870, the daughter of Demetri Kamad and Catharine Frondzej. Michael and Xenia were married in Sniatyn on Jan. 31, 1889. Demetri Kamad was the son of Nicolaus Kamad and Anastasia Kryklywec. Catharine Frondzej was the daughter of Elias Frondzej and Anna Burlak.

    Anna Ostafijczuk had two other siblings that I know of: Demetri, b. MAy 10, 1890 and John, b. March 10, 1896.

    Anna Ostafijczuk’s godparents were Theodor Stratijczuk and Anna, wife of Peter Branczko.

    1. Mark,

      Thanks again! I’ll make the changes. How can you read this stuff so well? I’m getting a little better, but it’s still a struggle.

      I found John O.’s record and was working on it a bit yesterday. Your info will make it much easier.


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