Marriage of Peter Wainer and Marjorie Knickerbocker

My mom and dad were married 12 December 1960 in Las Vegas, Nevada. My mom is listed as Marjorie Carlstrom ( she was married previously). My dad tells me that my mom’s sisters were a little pissed off at them “running away to Vegas” to get married. Here’s a really bad copy of the Nevada marriage index recording thier marriage.

Nevada marriage index - 1956-2005
Nevada marriage index - 1956-2005

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8 thoughts on “Marriage of Peter Wainer and Marjorie Knickerbocker

  1. was noodling around and used new bing search engine to look up papa nee william wainer,caught up on some of your posts.great stuff.thany you so much for doing this!! bill

  2. I am also a decendant of William as well. This is very interesting. Maybe I could assist you with furthering the family tree and records. My father is Richard T Knickerbocker, and my Grandfather is Dick Knickerbocker. Donald Knickerbocker is my great uncle Marie Kraus is my great Aunt and Catherine Johnson (Knickerbocker) and Karen Buckingham(Knickerbocker) are my aunts

  3. Yeah that’s her, lol. She is my cousin..Her dad and my mom are brother and sister….this is just too cool to see all of what you have done, it’s amazing!

  4. Yes that is/was me. I have since married August 14, 2010. My husband is Tristan S Green.

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