Clifford Knickerbocker

I’ve been e-mailing my cousins for information about our family tree. My cousin Nancy talked to her mom Lorraine, wife of Kenneth Knickerbocker ( my Uncle Bob) and told me about another child of Clarence and Martha Knickerbocker that I didn’t know about.

His name was Clifford Knickerbocker. I spoke to my Aunt Luella today and found out that Clifford had died in a car accident in the State of Washington. I also found out that he had a wife, Florence, and at least two children: William and Robert.

It took me all day, but I finally found a record for Clifford Knickerbocker at the Washington State Digital Archive. It’s a great site and you can visit it here.

Here’s a pretty bad screen shot of the Washington State Death Record of Clifford Knickerbocker:

Clifford Knickerbocker Death Record

What it says:

Da Reference Number: {17D14A40-C4FF-4009-A0DC-A81B9557F989}

Image number: 552

Document number: 47

Name: Clifford Knickerbocker

Date of Death: 16 Oct 1933

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Father Name: Clarence Knickerbocker

Mother Name: Martha

Batch Id: 276601

Batch Locality: Washington, United States

Death Place: Seattle, King, Washington


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