Mary A. Bowden

My cousin, Bryana, sent me an e-mail over the weekend asking about her Great-Great Grandmother Mary Agatha Bowden. I was able to find quite a few facts about her and her family as well as a great picture.

Mary A. Bowden (1873-1969) married George Robert Culshaw on 22 September 1897. They had five children: Mary Margret, George, Joseph, Francis and ( most importantly to the Knickerbockers) Jessie Elizabeth.

Jessie Elizabeth Culshaw married William Clarence Knickerbocker. Hurray for us!

Here’s a picture of the family of Mary A. Bowden and George Robert Culshaw:

Front: Francis, George Robert, Jessie
Back: Margret, Joseph, George, and Mary A. Bowden

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9 thoughts on “Mary A. Bowden

  1. What a cute little grandma I have… I didn’t know her very well. Her funeral was on my first birthday. I still have the baby blanket afghan that she made for me. You should tell me some stories of her… šŸ™‚

  2. What a cute little grandma I had. She passed a few days before my first birthday. In fact, her funeral was on my first bday. I never really knew her.. but I still have the baby blanket she crocheted me when I was born. Do you have any good stories of her and my grandpa? I would really love to hear them.

    1. I don’t remember anything specific about Aunt Jess except that when I saw her she always seemed happy. Actually, both Uncle Bill and Aunt Jess were always very nice to me, my brother Bill ( named for Uncle Bill) and my parents. Knickerbockers always seemed to like to play cards a lot so I remember them drinking coffee, playing cards, and gossiping about the rest of the family.


      1. I can’t believe that was my great grandma, jessie, I still have memories of their house and the beautiful grandfather clock. She always made cream cheese cookies, blue sprinkles for boys and pink for girls, we still use her recipe.

        Thank you so much for finding a picture. I would love to find more and have copies, I am starting a family tree wall and just got jessie and bills wedding picture.

      2. Hi Rachel!

        Happy to hear from another Knickerbocker relative. I can’t seem to find you on my tree of people ( there are a lot of us Knickerbockers, so that happens all the time). Can you let me know who your Father is and then I can add you to my tree. If you’re uncomfortable with telling me, no problem. Also, I’d love a copy of their wedding picture! I’ll send you a copy of the family tree back to about 1620.


      3. I remember a trailer on a lake – I don’t know if that was their house or just a summer place. There was a roller skating place close by and the summer I’m thinking of the song “Afternoon Delight” was real popular and was played in the roller skating place over and over and over … It must have been the summer of 1976 or so.


  3. Jessies son Richard Knickerbocker, aka Nick or Dick, is my grandpa and his daughter Catherine Knickerbocker is my Mother. Grandpa said that someone had our Family History as well. But I would love a copy of what you have. When Grandpa gets me the copy of Jessie and Bills wedding picture I will be more than happy to send it you , I would love a copy of the picture that you put up. I have been trying to find info on Mary Bowdens side, but the furthest I got was Hugh Bowden who Married Jane Cadawallader and they were both from Ireland but of English and Welsh decent. Which one of Jessies Brothers or Sisters do you belong to ?

    1. Your mom is Catherine Ann? Wow. I didn’t even have her as being married. Do you know Bryana? She’s been trying to expand Aunt Jessie’s side of the family. I helped a little but I think she left me in the dust.

      I’ll send you what I have

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