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William Wainer, Gardener

Here’s a few pictures of Grandpa William Wainer working in the garden.




1944 – Edward Wainer joins the Army

On September 21, 1944 Edward W. Wainer (1926-2010) joins the service. Uncle Eddie ended up serving in Patton’s Third Army. Here are a few pictures:


William Wainer (1887-1965)

Edward Wainer (1926-2010)

Annie Ostafyczuk (1892-1945)


Alice Wainer (1921-2010)

Edward Wainer (1926-2010)

Florence Wainer (1928-1974)


And finally


Peter Wainer (1929-2013)

Edward Wainer (1926-2010)


My dad looks all of 12 years old in this picture but will, in fact,  join the army in 2 years (13 Nov 1946).

Knickerbocker reunion 1976 part 2

On that trip to Minnesota we stayed at Uncle Bob and Aunt Lorraine’s house for a few days and then ended up at the lake with Uncle Bill ( William C. Knickerbocker 1907-1982) and Aunt Jess (Jessie E. Culshaw 1910-1989).  I remember there was a roller skating rink nearby and the jukebox ( yes, a jukebox) kept playing the song “Afternoon Delight” by the Starland Vocal Band. My stomach churns just thinking about that song.

Here’s a photo of the trailer at the lake.


Uncle Bill is in the hat, Aunt Jess is to his left in the blue dress, and Aunt Lorraine is seated in front of Uncle Bill. I can’t make anyone else out in the picture – if anyone see’s someone the recognize, please let me know.


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